Andrew "Andy / Spit" Hayes

Weirdo kid. Loves to draw. Loves comics. Huge teeth. 13.


Really loves to draw.
And really loves to read comics.
And really made fun of and pushed around in school because of his huge front teeth and braces, which make him slur and spit while talking too fast.
And really really really loves the fact that the school is out, and summer is here.
It’s gonna be the best summer ever !

Age: 13

Sneak 2
Move 1

Tinker 1

Contact 1

Investigate 2
Empathize 2


Iconic item: Drawing pad

Problem: I get bullied and laughed at in school.

Drive: I am really interested in weird and strange stuff.

Pride: I can really draw !

Anchor: Neighbor Stacy

Song: The Cure – Lullaby


Toby – Saved my hide from the bullies.
4Eyes – Kind of a friend, but now I’m confused every time I see her.
Hog – comics and homework for protection is a good trade.
Iommi- He is so cool. Possibly coolest in school.


Actually really friendly, but his braces and huge teeth make him an outsider and laugh stock of his class. He has a few friends, and he collects comic books. He really loves to draw and is constantly sketching something.

Comes from a working class family, father Walt Hayes, a railroad engineer who works at the local train station, and Nancy Hayes a pharmaceutical specialist who is rarely home and always on a working trip. Sometimes, as long as the school reports are okay, and his room is tidy, they do not even see where their son is.

Has developed a special bond with Stacy, his neighbor, a grown up who hates other grownups, but likes kids. Sometimes, Andy helps her out with groceries and mowing the backyard, and he can stay at her place and read comics for as long as he likes.
One day, he’s gonna make his own comic book!_

Andrew "Andy / Spit" Hayes

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