Tales from the Loop

Chapter 1 - "Of Nazi robots and evil principals"

Boulder Dashers assemble!

The summer of summers is coming. It is Thursday and only one day of school remains, as the Boulder Dashers prepare for adventure of their lives. Freedom!

Iommi, Andy, Hog and 4Eyes gather their bikes and decide to go for the Junkyard and pick up Toby. Finally they meet in their hideout, an old and abandoned fallout shelter, hidden beneath the wreck of an old car. The year was boring, the school was devastating but now, the smell of freedom fills their nostrils. The school just appointed a new Principal, it was their geography teacher Von Niederhosen. 

As the chatting fills the shelter, Toby hears his dad calling, yet another chore to do. The group decided to help Toby and they exit their hideout. In front of the old shack, Toby's dad is working, his back turned towards the kids. With him, there is a figure, you smell him before you see him, Jeffrey “Farty” Allen – school librarian and handy-man. Father tells Toby to pick up some lead pipes, since Farty needs them. The gang pack several lead pipes and they bring them to Farty. They spot Farty fixing a wire, under his coat. A cyborg? A robot? What is it? The dread fills their heads and Hog says it must be a Nazi robot sent to kill everyone. Farty takes the heavy bag filled with lead pipes with ease, which fuels their suspicion even more, he leaves the junkyard and moves towards the bus stop. 

Boulder Dashers hatch a plan and mount their BMX bikes, heading towards the school. When they arrive, Hog tells them a story, trying to impress the gang, about Bloody Bill, a senior who not only got into the fights, but cut a guy open in the middle of the street. The poor soul had to pick up his guts and put them back into his body. During the talk, Johnny the Loudmouth runs towards them and inform Hog, Bloody Billy was released from youth correction facility and is free!

While they talk, a bus stops infront of the school and they see Farty again. He enters the school, while Boulder Dashers decide to go behind and enter the school from the basement. Toby opens the window into the basement. The room is dark and damp, tables and chairs lay everywhere. The basement is full of pipes, electricity is bad and one can hear water dropping everywhere. 

Before checking the boiler room, there is one thing to do. Check the room where all confiscated items are, located on the top floor, next to the principal's office. After the break-in, the gang takes several items. Most notable is the baseball bat, according to the school legend it is the same bat that was involved into the school riot, a bloody conflict between some students and teachers, almost a decade ago. Hog takes the 'Basher' and group descend towards the basement. They are intercepted by Farty on second floor, who just exited chemistry cabinet. 

"Kids! What are you doing here?" Farty exaclaims. "You shouldn't be in school now!" Fast talking initiated, Harley "4Eyes" Miller tells Farty they will leave as they descend the stairs. They are surprised again, as on the ground floor a door opens and Farty exits the room saying  "Kids! What are you doing here?! You shouldn't be in school now!" 

Confused and bedazzled the gang of four runs towards the basement room where they opened the windows, only to find window firmly in the place. There is only one was out and it is through the boiler room. Huge boilers dominate the room, there are a couple of tables covered with cloth, some bodies are apparently hidden underneath. There are two freezers next to the door that lead out and there is a body sitting on the chair, covered with bag between boilers. Iommi and Andy uncover the bodies, only to see the nearly finished robotic copies of Farty. Hog goes for the chair and 4Eyes opens the fridge, only to find a severed head of Farty, floating in formalin. Hog removes the bag and the robot Farty springs to life, throwing Hog accross the room, into the table. TROUBLE

Boulder Dashers spring into action! Iommi checks the hallway from where they came from, only to see another Farty coming. With help of Andy he closes the door and bolts it with a metal shelf. Robot Farty hand transforms into 3 spikes and a drill and he tries to drill Hog's brains out. Harley, a junior school jump rope champion takes out her rop and goes for robot Farty's legs, Hog hits him with the Basher. 4Eyes pulls the rope and robot Farty looses balance, Andy throws some acid on his head. Toby gives his prize crowbar to Hog who severs the robot by hiting his spin with the crowbar in question. Gang escapes. 

Later on, they meet in the hideout and theories run amok. It must be Nazi robots. Of course it is them! Everything points towards Von Niederhosen, he must be a part of all this. Friday comes all too soon and all Boulder Dashers hear over PSA system is Von Niederhosen saying that Jeffrey “Farty” Allen decided to go to pension and he isn't part of the school anymore.

The summer begins. 



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